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The IMAGING SPECIALISTS are here to save you money, time, heartache and stress!

Craig and Clare formed The Imaging Specialists Ltd in 2008, to coincide with the services Reliant are able to offer in providing the ultimate cost effective solution to anyone with a moisture related issue in their home.

A military spec infrared camera is used to detect and track moisture and leaks anywhere in your home.  With this technology, you can see what the naked eye can’t, providing you with a solution to finding leaks in your home without the need for costly invasive methods which  previously took a hammer and a broken wall to detect!

As specialists in the repair and recladding of leaky homes, we have learnt that any style of home is at risk from leaks and moisture, not just your typical "plaster clad" variety but even brick and tile and newly constructed homes.


Do you have a “Leaky Home”?

Maybe you know you have a “Leaky Home” but are unsure as to the extent of the problem.  Our thermographer Mike,  can identify and pin point exactly where the leak is coming from and also where the moisture has spread to.


Selling a Home?  Here’s how to foolproof your sale and avoid disappointment:

The Imaging Specialists provide pre-sale reports so you can present any potential buyers with a full report of your property.  Buyers can make a decision with confidence and if there are any repairs to be made, we can come back after the work is finished and provide you with a Pre-Sale Report Re- Check confirming repairs have been completed!


Buying a Home?  Save Yourself Thousands with a Drybuild Pre-Purchase Report...

Don’t take a risk with your biggest investment – Call Mike to arrange a pre-purchase inspection so you know EXACTLY what you are buying.  Our pre-purchase inspections and reports will reveal any areas of concern with the property.   Moisture related issues with a home are very often hidden from the naked eye but the damage being caused inside the walls could cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair once visible with the naked eye.  With a Drybuild pre-purchase report you could save yourself not only tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars but also a lot of heartache!


Track & Trace Reports – No Find No Charge!

The Imaging Specialists also offer a track and trace inspection for any single or plumbing leaks where you can’t find the cause.  Our policy with a Track & Trace Inspcetin is simple - if we can't find the cause of the leak in your home,  then there’s no charge to you!

Would you like to know how energy efficient your home is?

A Heat Loss Inspection & Report instantly identifies areas of wet or missing insulation and weak points that allow heat to escape.  Once these issues are rectified you can enjoy the savings you will make in your reduced energy bills!


Call Michael NOW to book your home inspection on: 09 537 1018 or 0212 83 83 63 or email mike@reliantgroup.co.nz 

Wall above window appears normal Wall above window appears normal
Moisture above window due to failure in deck balustrade penetrations above Moisture above window due to failure in deck balustrade penetrations above
Michael Back - Thermographer Michael Back - Thermographer