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Craig Shorrock receiving NZ’s 1st Licensed Building Practitioners Pack from Hon. Shane Jones – former Minister of Housing and Construction.

NZ’s 1st LicensedBuilding Practitioner

In February 2008 Craig was selected from over 9,000 applicants to be presented with NZ’s very first Building Practitioners Licence.  The License was presented to Craig by Hon. Shane Jones, Minister of Housing and Construction.  The presentation was also attended by senior council officials from Auckland City Council and senior members of the Department of Building and Housing New Zealand.  This new licence was mandatory as of 2010.


Experienced Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager and Site Supervisor

Craig has more than 30 years experience in quantity surveying and the building industry.  Craig has a huge passion for the building industry and from an early age, this led Craig into building a number of his own spec homes.  By the age of 24, Craig became self employed as a freelance Quantity Surveyor and a freelance Project Manager and Site Supervisor.


Dedicated to Providing Client’s with Quality and Honesty

In 2000 Craig formed Reliant Residential Ltd and gained an excellent reputation for building exclusive, high spec architecturally designed homes.  Craig’s dedication to providing his clients with quality workmanship, honesty and the best possible service, led him into the repair and recladding of “leaky” homes.  We have now completed over 200 reclads across Auckland.


Strong Alliance with the City Councils and Building Consultants

Due to Craig’s quality service and abilities in the building industry, he has gained a strong alliance with many Building Consultants and has an excellent reputation with the local City Councils.


A Family Man

Craig and his wife, Clare have four children between them, Aidan, Kieran, Neve and Bethany.  In the summer Craig can usually be found enjoying time with Clare, the kids either camping or with Craig’s parents in Whangamata – often in the surf with the kids and a boogie board.


Sport, food, wine & motor bikes

When Craig finds time for himself, he enjoys swimming and fishing.  Friends are an important part of Craig’s life, so BBQ’s, entertaining, dining out and the occasional vino happen as often as possible.  Craig’s other love is his motorbike, as well as racing his E30 BMW at the track.


Some Things about Clare you might like to know…

Clare Grieve - Director

A Passion for People

Growing up in England with her parents and sister, Clare moved to New Zealand in 1989.  Clare learnt the joys of meeting new people from an early age, making new friends and gaining an ability to adapt and fit into any new situation whilst making those around her feel at ease and comfortable.   As an adult, Clare’s passion for people has only increased along with her desire to make a positive difference to the lives of the people she meets.

Drive and Dedication to Providing the Ultimate Service

Clare has over 28 years experience in customer services and marketing.  Along with Craig and the team at Reliant, Clare is constantly working on ways to improve every client’s experience with Reliant; from the initial information you read to the completion of your project . . . Clare is dedicated to providing each client with the best possible service.

Creative Flair

A creative flair is clearly obvious when you get to know Clare; not only with the skills she has in marketing and advertising, but also with her knack at making anything she does, look great.  With an eye for design, lay out and colours, Clare is always happy to help clients if they ask for ideas or advice on their home.  

A Mum, Partner, Daughter & Sister

Like many women today, Clare’s life can get incredibly hectic as she juggles being a Mum, a wife, a business woman, a daughter and a sister. Clare and Craig have four children between them, aged 15 - 19.  And last but not least, the four-legged pets of horses, pigs, dogs, cats and goats.  Although life is busy, Clare thrives on the challenge.  But at the end of the day, family comes first!

Food, Wine, Socialising and a Sense of Adventure 

With a sense of adventure, Clare loves trying new things and will generally give anything a go, no matter how much adrenalin is needed!  Clare loves the outdoors, so going to the beach, fishing and walking are favourite past time’s!  Like Craig, friends are an important part of Clare’s life, so entertaining and dining out happen as often as possible!