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Craig Shorrock of Reliant Reclads has been dealing with “leaky home syndrome” in Auckland for many years.  As an expert in the repair and recladding of these homes, Reliant Reclads is now the most effective company carrying out this type of work in New Zealand. 

If moisture is getting into your home and is left untreated, the damage will eventually lead to major structural failure, costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix.  The moisture can also lead to severe health problems for you and your family.


At Reliant, we can advise and guide you through the claim process, provide you with the claim forms and help you complete them – in fact we can even put a claim into the WHRS (Weathertight Homes Resolution Service) on your behalf, saving you time and reducing your stress!

your home build in the last 10 years?

If so, you may be eligible to bring a claim to the WHRS for the cost of repairs.  Below is some information from the Department of Building & Housing website regarding the WHRS Claim Process (Weathertight Homes Resolution Service).

Bringing a WHRS claim

Choosing an application form for a WHRS claim

What remedies may be claimed

The claimant’s role in the process

The WHRS claim on council records

Length of time for process

Keep us informed

WHRS claims closed when not enough effort made to resolve them


Check out some examples of our work

Long Drive Before Long Drive Before
Before: Rot and mould under plaster of Long Drive Home Before: Rot and mould under plaster of Long Drive Home
Long Drive After Long Drive After